Qlik Launches Order-to-Cash Solution Accelerators for SAP: Modern Real-time Analytics to Optimize Your Income

Qlik Launches Order-to-Cash Solution Accelerators for SAP: Modern Real-time Analytics to Optimize Your Income

Today, more than ever before, line-of-business users accountable for handling performing capital need actionable insights in real-time. In the exact same time, IT/data groups would you like to speed up jobs, along with modernize and integrate their information architectures and analytics, while handling dangers and expenses.

Nonetheless, present data architectures that you can get in organizations today usually do not satisfy these client needs. A Forrester report revealed that between 60 per cent and 73 % of most information in a enterprise goes unused for analytics. Fifty-two per cent of SAP users as surveyed by SAPinsider – the greatest SAP account group all over the world – stated that a premier analytics pain point is information integration. As well as an Accenture survey unveiled that just 32 per cent of professionals state they are able to produce value from information!

Should this be your circumstances, Qlik will be here to greatly help. To unlock the concealed insights in SAP information, Qlik is leading the industry in accelerating usage of SAP information for actionable insights and choice creating. We simply launched the Qlik purchase – to – money solution accelerators for SAP, the initial in a few SAP-focused information and analytics solution accelerators that speed the ROI of integrating SAP information with contemporary analytics tasks.

Order-to-cash is just a critical company procedure.

It offers tasks from scheduling and satisfying a purchase for you to get compensated. Purchase fulfilment and billing customer that is affect and commitment. Receivables administration and re re payments affect working cash and capital. Because of the changing times, just what could possibly be more essential than taking good care of your web visitors and taking good care of money to help you run your online business efficiently?

Nevertheless, order-to-cash additionally happens to be one of the most complex of company procedures to optimize. It really is highly fragmented across teams, as you will find stakeholders in product sales purchase management, in supply string logistics and warehousing, as well as in finance payment, accounts receivables management, and accounting that is financial. In addition, the info can also be fragmented across multiple systems. That’s where Qlik’s information integration and information analytics platform shines.

The perfect solution is accelerators include prebuilt components for SAP product product product sales requests and reports receivables data replication, information warehouse automation to a cloud platform of the option , in addition to order-to-cash analytics that are modern.

The prebuilt information integration and change into order-to-cash analytics-ready information and KPIs can save your self months and hundreds or even thousands of hours of information work. And payday loans North Canton OH, the prebuilt analytics elements empower users of all of the quantities of information skills with actionable insights via rich, interactive order-to-cash KPI dashboards, intelligent alerting and AI-enabled conversational analytics. Users don’t have actually to attend till next for updates on sales bookings, billings, fulfilment or payments day. If deliveries are delayed, they could be notified in real-time and proactively contact fulfilment or the client. If re payments are predicted become delayed, they are able to thus act fast and reduce times product product sales outstanding and optimize working money.

With boat load of order-to-cash and performing capital performance administration functionality already integral, these accelerators can speed your SAP information modernization, allow more agility, and quickly deliver a small business solution for order-to-cash analytics users.

The session will protect:

  • Discover ways to build a method to modernize analytics to aid core finance and purchase management functions such as for example order-to-cash.
  • Provide real-time data through the loB that is various and core ERP.
  • Visit a real time demo of just how to really transform natural SAP information into usable information and actionable insights when it comes to business.
  • Discover new techniques to support order-to-cash exposure and important views into money, liquidity, and working money.

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